Receive Gigabit capability with the Hirschmann Spider III Ethernet Switch

Hirschmann SPIDER III SL-40-08T1 Ethernet SwitchA brand new addition to the line of Ethernet switches offered through Major Electronix is the Hirschmann Spider III Ethernet Switch. The first switch in this range to be introduced is the SPIDER III SL-40-08T1, which is an 8 port, unmanaged Ethernet switch. The main feature to this switch is its Gigabit capability, which allows for more data to be sent over longer distances. Gigabit capability refers to the speed at which an amount of data can be transmitted. The fact that the Spider III is unmanaged helps make it a cost effective addition to a network.

The SPIDER III SL-40-08T1 features twisted pair cable with RJ45 sockets, along with auto-crossing, auto-negotiation & auto polarity. Among these features is the ability to work with another connected switch to find the most optimum performance that they both can handle. This is a DIN-Rail mounted switch, with a housing made to take up less space. It can work in either a line or star topology. Line and star topology refer to the way devices in a network are connected and how they communicate with each other. It has plug and play capability, to make it easier to install and implement in a network. The housing is plastic, and rated IP 30. IP 30 indicates the level of protection from foreign particles.

This switch is designed to meet the demands of the industrial environment, and is particularly ideal for applications such as machine building and manufacturing. It works best for smaller size networks. For more information on the Spider III or other Hirschmann Ethernet switches, please feel free to contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or

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LiteCycle Ivory Terminal EnclosuresLiteCycle Ivory Terminal Enclosures

LiteCycle Ivory Terminal Enclosures are part of a larger range of electrical enclosures that also includes solid gray, clear cover gray and aluminum versions. All of them work in a similar fashion. The main feature is the integrated terminal block which saves the time and effort of having to install one. This also makes things faster when it comes time to terminate the wires. The ivory enclosures are all made from ABS plastic while most of them have molded knockouts. ABS plastic is made to be especially durable. It can stand up to impacts as well as extremes in temperature. The molded knockouts can be punched out for cable entry, ensuring that the enclosure is easier to use and install. Ivory enclosures without molded knockouts have center spaces marked for drilling. Terminals can be either side mounted or center mounted, depending on the model.

When choosing an electrical enclosure, it is a good idea to keep in mind what application it will be used for. Some are better suited to certain types of jobs than others. LiteCycle Ivory Terminal Enclosures are mostly beneficial for offices and medical devices because they present a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The ivory color of the enclosure will tend to blend in better with the surroundings of an office or hospital compared to the gray plastic or aluminum enclosures. The ivory electrical enclosures are perfect for applications where the outside appearance is important.

Major Electronix offers the full line of LiteCycle Ivory Terminal Enclosures. They come in varying sizes and configurations from 4 positions up to 30. They can accommodate various gauges of wire. Other electrical enclosures such as junction boxes and push button boxes are also available. For more information, contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or

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Cooltron DC FansCooltron DC Fans Useful In Power Supplies

Cooling fans are useful in other types of electronic devices besides computers. Such examples include medical devices and telecommunications, as well as other industrial or commercial uses. Certain fans are more suited for a specific application than others. The line of Cooltron DC fans includes several series that are ideal for use in power supplies. The FD6025, FD8025 and FD1238 series are all suitable for use in power supplies. This includes not only computer power supplies, but also power supplies in medical devices and industrial environments.

Like any other cooling fan, the Cooltron DC fans that are made for power supplies help draw out hot air to keep the equipment from overheating. Overheating in a power supply, just as with other electronics, can cause a number of issues including damage to the device. They all feature brushless motors, so they are able to run more efficiently than a brushed motor. These cooling fans have dual ball bearings, which are more reliable than sleeve bearings. Dual ball bearings are also capable of working with a wider operating temperature. Depending on the type of power supply, it may be necessary to determine how much airflow is needed to keep a safe temperature. It is recommended that the cooling fan be used with a fan guard, in order to prevent damage to the fan.

The Cooltron DC Fans mentioned are all part of the Standard series of fans. Standard series fans make for a less expensive solution for cooling electronics. They have rated voltages of 12V or 24V, and come with a 3 year warranty. Certain models can also be crossed with fans from several different manufacturers. These fans can be purchased online or over the phone. For more information on these or other cooling fans from Cooltron, contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or

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ILME High Temperature EnclosuresILME High Temperature Enclosures

The range of rectangular enclosures available through Major Electronix includes a selection of ILME high temperature enclosures. These enclosures have a red painted finish to separate them from the rest of the ILME line. These housings and hoods are made to be used in applications with more extreme temperatures. Standard enclosures should not be used for those applications, as they would not be able to tolerate the same temperature range.

The ILME high temperature enclosures can withstand temperatures up to 180°C (356°F). They can also be used in areas where the temperatures get particularly cold, down to -40°C (-40°F). These enclosures are constructed with materials that allow them to be used in high temp areas. They are fitted with a special fluoro-elastomer gasket. Fluoro-elastomer is a material that is made for harsher temperatures. The insulating strips inside provide further protection. The 180°C series of ILME enclosures have thermoset powder coating that adds to their stability. The thermoset coating is best suited for particularly high temperature environments. They are intended for use with the ILME thermoplastic inserts. The enclosures themselves are metal, constructed from die cast aluminum.

Like the rest of the ILME line, the high temperature housings and hoods are made to be durable, while being able to handle high stress situations. They also have protection class ratings for dust and water exposure. These enclosures can be purchased online or over the phone.  Contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or for more information on ILME high temperature enclosures or the rest of the ILME line.

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Mencom GF-RJ45-R-32 Panel Interface Connector

Mencom GF-RJ45-R-32 Panel Interface Connector

PICs such as the Mencom GF-RJ45-R-32 Panel Interface Connector are used to create access to the cabinet without opening the panel door. The various connections on the PIC are made to keep in communication with the units inside the cabinet or control panel. Keeping the panel closed helps increase safety by eliminating the risk of electric shocks while the panel door is open. Using a PIC helps reduce the risk of an Arc Flash, one of the most troublesome types of electrical hazards. This also saves on the time and cost of having to keep personnel trained to deal with such risks.

The Mencom GF-RJ45-R-32 Panel Interface Connector (PIC) has a 120V GFCI duplex outlet, RJ45 and a 3 amp resettable fuse. A GFCI outlet is able to keep tabs on the current flowing through it and can shut down the power if it detects an abnormal flow. It can then be reset once the problem is corrected. The RJ45 is a female / female Ethernet jack. The resettable 3 amp fuse is the standard type available for PICs, and is made to help control the output. It has a size 32 housing, which ends up being a wide square shape. Size 32 housings are typically have a base that is 92 mm tall (3.6 inches) and 126 mm wide (5 inches). This particular PIC is made to be bulkhead mounted, rather than surface mounted.

The Mencom GF-RJ45-R-32 Panel Interface Connector can be purchased online or over the phone. Many other configurations are also offered, with custom combinations available. Contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or for more information on the GF-RJ45-R-32 or other PICs from Mencom.

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Altech DIN rail power suppliesAltech DIN Rail Power Supplies

A selection of Altech DIN rail power supplies are now available through Major Electronix. These power supplies are made to be compact, in order to save space when mounted on the DIN rail. They all feature various protections for issues such as overloads, overvoltages, short circuiting and temperature extremes. These DC power supplies are made for the demands of the industrial environment and use free air convection to keep cool. They feature high efficiency ratings as well as universal input voltage. The power supplies have easy to read front labels that give you basic statistics at a glance. They feature LED indicators to let you know when the DC power is on. Several of them feature DC output that is adjustable within a certain range, along with built-in DC OK relay contacts.

Each series of Altech DIN rail power supplies features distinct characteristics. For example the PS-S4024 has a plastic housing that prevents the risk of shock. It also has an extremely low profile, so it can save even more space once it is mounted. The metal casing on the PS-7524 makes it very durable. It has a high immunity to input voltage fluctuation as well as a high power reserve. The PSA-36024 can be set up in a parallel connection if more power is needed. Both single phase and multiple phase units are available.

The standard power supplies have an output of 24V DC, although other voltages are available. They all carry a variety of safety approvals and ratings. These power supplies are useful in many different applications and industries, including automation, IT, data communications, marine applications and factories. Altech DIN rail power supplies can be obtained through Major Electronix online or over the phone. All of them are backed by a 3 year warranty. For more information, contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or

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Hirschmann Industrial ConnectorsThe line of Hirschmann industrial connectors provide solutions for many different industries. Among the various series available through Major Electronix are rectangular and circular connectors that work in both supply and control applications. These connectors include the G series, ST series, CA series and CM series. Each of them features different characteristics and are best suited for different jobs. These connectors are made to withstand the more extreme settings found in the industrial environment.

The G series of Hirschmann industrial connectors are also known as the compact series. Their small rectangular size allows them to be used in tighter areas. The more common uses include actuators and sensors. They are also perfect for jobs underground where space is at a premium. The CA and CM series of circular connectors share some common traits. They are both adaptable to many industries and are especially durable. They can last through stress, impacts and other surrounding conditions. The CM connectors meet the MIL-C 5015 standard, which is a military standard for electrical circular connectors. The have a protection rating of IP 67, which indicates total resistance to dust as well as temporary immersion in water. The rectangular ST series covers a wide range of connectors that are usually found with power supplies as well as signal transmission. The ST series features protection from dust and water exposure. The ST series has a protection class rating up to IP 54.

All four of these series can be used as supply connectors. The CM series can also be utilized as control connectors. Besides industrial uses, the Hirschmann industrial connectors can also be used in more specialized applications, such as communications and technology. Many of the connectors described above are available online or over the phone through Major Electronix. For more information, contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or

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Light Efficient Design LED-8036 Utility LightsThe Light Efficient Design LED-8036 utility lights will soon be available through Major Electronix. The LED-8036 series of lights are unique in that they have a slender neck. This makes them more versatile and allows them to be used in more types of fixtures, such as recessed canopy lights. These utility lights also work in almost any other type of high bay or low bay application, in commercial or industrial areas.

As part of the 8000 series, the Light Efficient Design LED-8036 utility lights are made to be retrofitted into existing light fixtures. This is saves the time and cost of having to install new fixtures when upgrading to LEDs. They are available in three different color temperatures and feature enough LEDs to emit an even distribution. They feature the single contact, screw-in base that is common for these types of bulbs. Like other LED lights, the LED-8036 lights are safer for the environment, as they do not contain lead or mercury. These 100W lamps will save on energy consumption costs because they can replace MH & HPS lamps up to 250W. It is also ideal for surge protection to be present to reduce the risk of damage in the event of a power surge.

The color temperature on these lights refers to how bright the light is. Higher temperatures are closer to daylight and generally have more blue undertones. Lower temperatures tend to have more yellow undertones. Different color temperatures will also usually emit a different output of light, which is measured in lumens. The LED-8036 bulbs come in neutral white, cool white and daylight to meet the needs of the application.

The Light Efficient Design LED-8036 utility lights will be available online or over the phone starting in September. For more information on these or other types of LED lights, contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or

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EternaBond Sealant TapeEternaBond Sealant Tape and Leak Repair Products are now available through Major Electronix. EternaBond is especially useful in commercial roofing and industrial leak repair. The sealant tape is easy to use and comes in different varieties to meet the demands of the application. These tapes use MicroSealant Technology in order to form a bond, meaning they will permanently stick to a surface, even under harsh conditions such as exposure to moisture or extreme temperature.

Currently there are several different varieties of EternaBond Sealant Tape available, including DoubleStick, AlumiBond, WebSeal, WindowSeal and RoofSeal. As their names suggest, RoofSeal and WindowSeal are perfect for roof and window installation, respectively. DoubleStick has sealant on both sides and is easily molded. It can be used to bond two different surfaces or can be shaped to act as a gasket. AlumiBond features an aluminum backing so it is useful for tank repair or metal roof repair. Since it needs no UV protection, AlumiBond is great for use in other outdoor applications. WebSeal is characterized by its woven backing and high flexibility, so it can be easily shaped in and around other objects. Besides roof repair, these tapes prove useful for many other jobs, including drain and pipe repair, ductwork and industrial tanks.

Other leak repair products available include EternaClean and EternaPrime. EternaClean is used in surface preparation before applying the tape to get rid of dirt and grease. EternaPrime is a surface conditioner that will help the EternaBond Sealant Tape stick when applying it in cold temperatures. EternaPrime is also used for treating surfaces that may be particularly difficult to get clean forming loose particles into a solid surface.

EternaBond is available in various widths and lengths, depending on the type. For more information on the EternaBond product line, contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or

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Coxreels construction reelsA number of hose and cable reels from Coxreels prove to be very effective for professional construction purposes. They are built to be durable and stand up to the demands of an industrial environment. Coxreels hose and cable reels are typically made from steel with a blue powder coat finish. The side discs feature rolled edges to further increase their strength. The Coxreels series that are particularly useful include the SH/MP/HP series, T series, CM/DM series and 1175 series.

The SH/MP/HP series includes low, medium and high pressure spring driven hose reels. This series is characterized by larger frames, so the reels are able to accommodate longer lengths of hoses with bigger outer diameters. The T series are also spring driven reels that built to handle especially demanding conditions. These truck mount reels would be especially useful at an off road construction site. The CM/DM series is a group of hand crank reels that are mounted to a hand held caddy or wheeled dolly. The high portability CM/DM series allows them to be easily wheeled or carried to a job site. The 1175 series is a group of hand crank or motor driven reels. Like the SH/MP/HP series, this group also can fit larger hoses with long lengths. They have an A-frame design that is welded into one piece to make them very strong and durable.

These Coxreels hose and cable reels can be used for such construction applications as ground maintenance, water trucks, pneumatic and power tools, high volume applications and lubrication. For more information about these or other reels from Coxreels contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or

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