N-TRON 300 Series with N-View Remote Monitoring

N-Tron 300 SeriesThe N-TRON 300 series is a line of unmanaged Ethernet switches that are made to perform under the harsh conditions of industrial applications. The 300 series can process more complicated network arrangements with many featuring N-TRON’s N-View OPC Port Monitoring Option. Using N-View configured switches¬†adds network traffic monitoring, trending and alarming to any application, while giving an overview of the current state of the network, including load, quality of service, and packet traffic. Being able to monitor the current state of the network makes it easier to notice and solve problems faster, making the network more reliable.

The N-View software can search for and identify any N-View configured Ethernet switch, using a different address for each one.¬† Other characteristics such as the switch’s location on the network or the devices connected to it can also be recognized. Data variables, which are divided into three categories, can also be viewed using the N-View software feature.

The full line of N-TRON 300 series Ethernet switches is available through Major Electronix on their website. For more information contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or sales@majorelectronix.com

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