Mencom M23 Molded Cordsets

Mencom M23 cordsetsThe Mencom M23 cordsets are now available in new over-molded versions. These cordsets replace the other M23 cordsets that were attached to field wireable plugs. They essentially perform the same functions as the older M23 cordsets but feature a different design with different materials.  Just the like older field wireable version of the M23 cordsets, the over-molded version has plug and play capabilities. They come in 12 or 19 pole configurations with male or female straight plugs. Male / Female extension cordsets are also available. Different cable lengths include 2, 5, 10 or 20 meters. The cables are rated for 300V and 4A, while accommodating 22 gauge wire.

Mencom M23 cordsets are applicable for use in a number of different industries, including automation, transport, power generation, shipbuilding and medicine. They are especially useful in providing power for actuators or for transmitting signals. Contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or for more information on the new versions of M23 cordsets from Mencom.

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