N-Tron Industrial Power Over Ethernet Products

N-Tron Power over EthernetPower over Ethernet, or PoE, refers to the capability to not only send data through a network, but to also useĀ Ethernet network connections to send electrical power. This eliminates the need to have a separate power connection, saving time and money. PoE can also make use of longer cord lengths to transmit, as opposed to USB which can perform similar functions but has more limitations. Having PoE on your network also makes it easer to operate cameras, wireless devices or other equipment that may not have complete access to a power source.

N-Tron’s selection of PoE devices include splitters, power injectors and Ethernet switches. They are compatible with other types of PoE capable devices, as well as with each other. The PoE splitter is available with 12, 24 or 48V output and some of the Ethernet switches feature fiber optic connection. N-Tron’s PoE devices are designed for use under the more demanding conditions found in industrial environments, including maritime and railway applications. Characteristics typically include a wide operating temperature range and an extended lifespan.

The line of N-Tron industrial PoE devices is available through Major Electronix. For more information on these or other types of Ethernet switches, contact Major Electronix at 800-966-2345 or sales@majorelectronix.com.

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