Mencom Armored Cordsets

Mencom Armored CablesMencom has come out with a full line of armored cordsets, able to handle the harsh conditions found in more extreme environments. These rugged armored cables are available in the Mencom M12 (MDC) and MIN Size I (7/8″) line of cordsets. M12 cables feature M12 size mating thread while MIN Size I have a 7/8″ mating thread and come with pin counts ranging from 2-6 pins. Various types of protective materials are available for the cordsets, including stainless steel, silicone tubing, thermoplastic elastomer and PVC covered stainless steel. Cordsets with stainless steel coupling nuts are also part of this line.

These cordsets are made to be easy to connect or disconnect and can put up with many different kinds of hazards. They can hold up against exposure to water and other liquids, even harsh chemicals. These cables can cope with temperature extremes, as well as shock & vibration. They deter dirt and other particles in the air, and are resistant to abrasions.

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