Mencom Armored Cables

Mencom Armored Cordsets

Mencom has come out with a full line of armored cordsets, able to handle the harsh conditions found in more extreme environments. These rugged armored…

GardTec Plastic Fan Guard

Gardtec Plastic Fan Guards

Having cooling fans for your electrical equipment, like the ones needed for computers and laptops, are necessary in making sure the equipment does not overheat….

Macromatic Relays

Macromatic Relays

Major Electronix is now offering relays from Macromatic. They are used in a large variety of applications and most are made here in the USA….

Hirschmann Ethernet Switches

Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Switches

Major Electronix is expanding the line of Hirschmann industrial Ethernet switches available online. The selection of Hirschmann switches currently offered includes unmanaged Ethernet switches from…